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There are many advantages of decorating your walls with wallpaper instead of simple painting. Though there are many different types and patterns available in painting too, they can never quite match what’s on offer from the wallpaper world. They don’t just brighten up your house but also lend unique personality to them. Whether lined just around the borders or covering the entire wall, it is just too hard to miss their lure.

It is needless to mention that wallpapers are increasingly becoming a choice of the masses, and people are often replacing their existing décor with these. But our question is, do you think you can go ahead and tackle their entire matter on your own from selection to pricing to exact measurements and final placement? Well not exactly and that is exactly where a professional wallpaper expert like us fit in. We help you make the crucial choice on the various what, why, where, when and how?

Benefits Of Letting Us Help You
The primary advantages of installing wall paper includes

  • Brightening up the walls
  • Easy cleaning of household marks
  • Hide blemishes on walls better than plaster

However, the key to this is to get the right wallpaper for the right wall and paste it in correct format. We help our clients

  • Decide on the right type of wallpaper for the different walls in their house
  • Help zero down on the texture, finish and print on the wallpaper along with the color options
  • Help our clients draw a balance between cost and looks
  • Decide on the type of installation as well as facilitating exact measurements.
  • Identifying the need for wallpaper in certain parts of the house.

Types Of Wallpaper: Why Clients Need To Know?

It is also equally important to understand the different types if wallpaper available and on what basis do we choose on our client’s behalf. Here is a ready list:

  • Lining Paper: It is used to cover minor imperfection that might be there on the walls. It is eventually covered by painting. It is sometimes even used to hide a really dark color that might have been applied to the walls.
  • Woodchip: A rather moderately priced option made of small wood pieces, it is another perfect option to hide any imperfection on the walls or even ceiling.
  • Washable: They have a thin plastic coating covering the main pattern and can withstand even daily scrubbing and cleaning
  • Vinyl: These have a thick vinyl covering above the base paper. They are quite tough and bet suited for bathrooms and kitchen

Contact Us

So if you are considering wallpapers, the easiest option is calling us on phone or dropping an email to us. We promise to provide the entire wallpaper experience at a reasonable rate and extremely competent quality. Our professionals are dedicated to delivering quality work every time. Not only do we guarantee uncompromised quality but also a speedy delivery and hectic planning to get the best possible alternatives for our clients.