For centuries, Venetian blinds are considered as a classic choice for windows. They are made of aluminum, wood or plastic and are timeless and durable products that will cover your windows for many years to come. Venetian blinds can be considered as a historic invention and even though various types of blinds have been discovered since then, Venetian blinds still prove to be classy as ever.

Benefits of Venetian Blind

  • Durable: These are timeless and durable products as they are made of aluminum, wood or plastic. They tend to have a longer lifetime when compared to other blinds and will serve your windows for many years to come.
  • Light Filtering: Venetian blinds are great for light filtering. The light entering the room can be easily controlled with a pull. They are available in many different designs and multiple finishes offer a great number of variations in style.
  • Affordable: They are worth the value. Most of the Venetian blinds are affordable and provide the great worth to their value. Since they are durable and tough, investing on them once is enough to have a long time service.
  • Versatile: These Venetian blinds are versatile, easy to install, easy maintenance, readily available and are suitable for most of the rooms. They are fairly easy to make too and if you have design and pattern in mind, they can be manufactured easily.

Types of Venetian Blind

There are mainly three types of Venetian blinds.

1. Wooden Venetian Blinds: The slates of these Venetian blinds are made of wood. These are the most expensive type of Venetian blinds and are available in many different colors, designs and patterns. These are generally preferred for the interior window treatment.

2. Aluminum Venetian Blinds: This type of Venetian blinds are very popular and the slates of these blinds are made of aluminum. Compared to other blinds, these are more durable, lightweight and also fire resistant. They are mostly available in various forms of metallic color.

3. PVC Venetian BlindsThis type of Venetian blinds are generally preferred for bathrooms as they can handle the steamy atmosphere very effectively. Moreover, these are affordable and can be found in cheap. These are long lasting and add the missing texture to the bathrooms.

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