Wallpaper is getting more popular in Penang nowadays, many Penang restaurants and cafes are decorating their shops with nice food as their cafes background.

This colourful picture and nice food wallpaper will create a strong desire for visitors to walk in your restaurant and bring you more business.

Wallpapers can go a long way in improving the entire get up of your shops. But even the best wallpapers can look rather drab if they are not installed appropriately.

Your shops can look rather drab and dull, and the get up of the entire house can become very shabby. The best option is, therefore, to engage a professional wallpaper installation service and get the most dependable and noteworthy service quality.

This is exactly where we come into the picture and offer you an unforgettable experience.

Advantages Of Engaging With Us

We are one of Malaysia’s experienced wallpaper installation service providers and our long experience and extensive network makes sure that the service quality remains uncompromising at all cost.

Comprehensive Service Package: We are a one-stop shop for all your wallpaper installation related services. From acquiring the material to the final installation, we give you a comprehensive package.

We provide full ranges of wallpaper, ranging from Mural wallpaper, Korean Wallpaper, Customized wallpaper, 3D wallpaper to Pattern wallpaper.

There is nothing to worry once we take charge. We source materials from the best possible manufacturers and given our long association; we are able to provide the best rates in the industry.

Thorough Preparation: One of the biggest advantages of engaging us for your wallpaper installation services is the thorough preparatory guarantee that we offer.

From cleaning the walls thoroughly to taking accurate measurements, our associates are trained to provide you with the best experience.

  • We avoid wastage by sourcing raw materials as per our on ground calculations
  • We ensure that the amount of wallpaper is not too much and as close to actual measurements as possible
  • Our cost estimates are as per actual measurements

Eye For Design: When our designers and stylists zero in on potential wallpaper patterns for your house, we don’t just look for options as per your preference but also what goes well with your house decoration and the furniture.

This makes sure that the wallpaper becomes an extension of your overall decoration theme and does not have jarring notes.

Quality Plumb Line: Often the distinguishing line between a great wallpaper installation and a mediocre job is undoubtedly the plumb line.

It is exactly for this reason that we make an extensive calculation and often measure the wall both vertically and horizontally for more accurate measurements.

  • We use state of art techniques and tools for better accuracy
  • Pay individual attention to every bit of installation that is undertaken
  • Line-up the edges along the plumb line for better accuracy

Contact Us

So if you are looking to engage a wallpaper installation service provider in Penang, we could guarantee 100% satisfaction and timely job delivery.

Our installation services cover whole Penang, from George Town, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringhi to Balik Pulau and Prai. All you need is to email us or call us for more details, we will get back to you soon.