In the race towards getting the most durable, affordable and designer wall decoration for your house, vinyl wallpaper decidedly is one of the top contenders for the coveted position.

So what exactly is vinyl wallpaper? Well, it is essentially a paper layer on which there is a vinyl film which is pasted to make it water resistant. It is even resistant to water vapor making it ideal for kitchen. The biggest advantage is it can even be cleaned with soap and water.

In fact, Vinyl wallpaper is most commonly used in residential properties given their versatility and durability. They also are most easily available across home decor and interior decoration outlets.

The Big Advantage

But the point is how do you decide on what vinyl wallpaper to buy? Should you opt for the designer ones or choose the cheapest ones? Well, that is exactly the point where it makes sense to hire us. We don’t just provide you the widest range of alternatives but also make sure that whatever your budget might be; you are never disappointed in terms of options and colors.

1) Wide Range:
The number of options that we have in the vinyl wallpaper is pretty expansive. Be it in colors, designs or even textures; our customers never get an opportunity to complain about the lack of options. You name it, and we promise to show it. We stock options as per latest trends, design demand, theme specifics and popular color combinations. Clients will never have a dearth of alternatives to choose from. Whatever might be their demand, we work our best to satisfy their needs.

2) Affordable Price:
We are an established vinyl wallpaper supplier with years of experience. Which is why our supply channels, distribution network and procurement policies are pretty deep rooted. As a result, we are able to get you the best possible alternatives at a budget. Also, our professional installation technicians take exact measurements to make sure there is minimum wastage. Hence it results in big savings for you.

3) Installation Services:
One reason why our vinyl wallpapers always stand out is that we have professional installation technicians. They follow strict installation procedures that guarantee best results and most effective use of your resources. Also, wastage is next to nothing as we procure wallpaper strictly as per measurements. Effective installation means you save significantly in maintenance cost and recurring installation as well.

4) One Stop Services:
From Wallpaper supply, measure to installation, we do provide one stop services for customers. This will save you a lot of time and money hunting for the services. Our mission is to give you maximum value at minimum cost within the shortest time.

Get In Touch With Us

Therefore if you need vinyl wallpaper for your house, office or shop, we offer one of the premium qualities with best price in Malaysia. All you require to do is call us now for more information.