Good quality vertical blind slats are essential for proper functioning of blinds. The type and quality of vertical blind slats severely impact the efficiency of blinds. If these slats or louvers are of bad quality, they can break quite easily. Therefore, it is very important to look for the right quality. At the same time, the rate is also an important consideration.

Benefits of Vertical Blind Slats

There are many advantages of using Vertical blind slats:

  • Easily Washable:Maintenance of these vertical blind slats is rather simple. You can simply wash them and let it dry. There is no complicated method here.
  • Accumulate Less Dust: Moreover, the vertical shape makes them accumulate far less dust than the horizontal ones. As a result, they need much less maintenance and care.
  • Provides Privacy: If you put these slats sufficiently close, you can arrange it in a way that it provides you complete privacy. It means while you can perhaps see everything outside clearly, people can’t peep inside. So unlike horizontal slats, these vertical ones provide complete privacy.
  • Easy To Remove: There is another big advantage compared to horizontal ones. You can remove these far easily. Therefore, you can change them also at your will. Unlike the horizontal one, this does not involve a complicated process.

Types of Vertical Blind Slats

Well, there are many types of vertical blind slats.

1. PVC Slats

These slats are relatively thicker. As a result, they block significantly more amount of light. As a result, they work very well for blinds meant to completely shut out the light.

2. PVC S Slats

These replacement slats are also made of a PVC variant. They are very effective in blocking this additional light.

3. Fabric Slats

As you can understand, these slats are made of fabric. They give the blind a much softer look and is ideal for home use.

4. Vinyl Slats

These are relatively lightweight compared to PVC variants. Additionally, they don’t block light as adequately. This is because these slats are much thinner.

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