Scalloped curtain valance can easily lend a rather dressy look to your window. In a matter of frills, your house easily transforms to exciting from boring. Not just that scalloped valance can also give a fuller look to your window.

Benefits Of Scalloped Curtain Valance

There are many who would say scalloped curtain valance uses up too much material. But there are some distinct advantages.

  • Provides Volume: This is particularly useful for really wide or long windows. The plaid curtains magnify the space, but scalloped help make these look full. It adds volume to large rooms.
  • Affordable Decor: Scalloped curtain valance look rather elaborate. But the good news is they don’t cost as much. The price depends on the material you choose, and you have a wide range in here.
  • Wide Range: Yes indeed, there are many different patterns, colors and designs you can choose from. Even the types of scalloping are very unique.
  • Controls Lighting: You can easily go for more elaborate scallops or choose a heavy material to cut out the light. It can also provide more privacy.

Types of Scalloped Curtain Valance

There are many types of scalloped curtain valance that you could choose from

1. Waterfall: As the name indicates, this scalloped curtain valance has a cascading impact. It also has an absolutely elegant and vintage aspect. For really large and traditional properties, this is the best bet.

2. Cornice: These are relatively less elaborate than the waterfall ones. The beauty of it is the precision stitching and the immaculate cut. The brilliance of it is borne out in the fall of it.

3. Diana: They have a relatively more businesslike approach. They are also very versatile. This means you can use them as easily in your bedroom as the kitchen.

4. Rod Pocket: As the name indicates, it is one of the most functional options. You can easily insert these into a rod and hang them. The Scalloping is visible more towards the bottom of these curtain valances.

Benefits Of Hiring Us

There are many advantages of hiring us to service your scalloped curtain valance needs.

  • Customization: This is by far the biggest advantage. Your scalloped curtain valance would be the exact design, color and quality that you want. We also advise clients about the ideal pattern-print combinations.
  • Timely Delivery:This is another major advantage of doing business with us. Once you place the order, timely delivery becomes our responsibility. We stick to the delivery dates all of the time.
  • Competitive Price: We understand how important the budget is for you. Therefore, when you appoint us for installing scalloped curtain valance, we make sure that we don’t overshoot your budget. We provide the best options within your budget.
  • Wide Range: We can make this happen by virtue of the huge range of products that we offer. We have something that fits every color, budget limits and artist’s vision.

Contact Us

Therefore, if you need to install scalloped curtain valance, simply get in touch with us. We promise the best deal, competitive rate and durable options.