Personalized canvas today is the most reliable and affordable alternatives to preserve family heirloom, memories and any kind of content that runs the risk of attracting moisture or getting spoilt in the process.

In Malaysia, there may be few of companies can offer to create high resolution personalized canvas for you. But the point is with those different kinds of players offering the similar service, why you shall engage with us?

Advantages of Hiring Us

Well, there are many reasons why engaging us to address you personalized canvas requirement can turn profitable.

1) Customize: When you appoint us to get a personalized canvas, size is never a problem. It can be as small as 3×4 inches or as big as 7 feet by 8 feet. We cater to our customer requirements with commitment, and their satisfaction is invariably our biggest priority. We make sure that this is never compromised at any cost. This is exactly why we do not base our profitability on the size that you want. Our revenue model is uniquely based on the quality and delivery of our projects.

2) Superior Quality: As our company mission, our personalized canvas speaks of our penchant for quality. We never compromise quality for the price and source our raw materials from the best possible suppliers to maintain the quality. Though personalized canvas is a much cheaper option as compared to a traditional portrait painting by an artist, it is the quality that makes all the difference. A poor quality personalized canvas can make the whole composition look flat.

3) Own Printing Services: We use high quality ink for printing. The specialty of this ink is it embeds itself onto the fiber of the canvas that you might need. The getup, as a result, is extremely striking and often quite close to what you would get in a real painting.

Moreover, the special ink makes cleaning this product far simpler. You can easily wipe it with a moist cloth to clean it without running the risk of ruining it. In this way, you can then store and preserve this type of personalized canvas for generations together.

4) Timely Delivery: We believe in deadlines and make sure that you never have to wait to get your products delivered. This is exactly why we undertake a proper assessment of the time required before quoting a date of delivery for our clients. Once we decide on it, we remain committed and make sure we are able to deliver by that time.

Give Us A Call Now

So if you are looking to get a personalized canvas of your family portrait or a great family heirloom, one of the easiest options is to get in touch with us. Your satisfaction is our biggest joys. We promise to get back to you in the soonest time.