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Deciding on hotel carpet can be tricky. You have to consider several factors.

They must be stunning, in sync with the hotel décor and most importantly, conform to the architectural and functional specifications. Most importantly, they must conform to the magnificence and grandeur of the overall hotel décor.

Why We Need Good Quality Hotel Carpets

There are many reasons why a good quality hotel carpet is a necessity.

1) Convenient Flooring

This is a convenient flooring solution for hotels. Additionally, these carpets can be replaced a lot easier compared to other types of flooring solutions. That offers a lot more flexibility.

2) Displays The Grandeur Of Hotels

The hotel carpet often acts as the center of attraction. As people step into a lobby or a specific room or suite, this is one of the first things they notice, so it has to be grand. It creates a distinctive image.

3) Easy To Clean

A simple vacuuming exercise is adequate to clean the carpets. Most times, they absorb all the dirt, and this makes cleaning easier for the hotel staff.

4) Safety of Visitors

A hotel is always full of visitors of all age groups. The hotel carpets are so crafted that they offer better traction and reduces the prospect of people tripping. Thus, it reduces the chances of injury due to fall.

Types Of Hotel Carpet

Hotel Carpet

There are many types of Hotel carpet fabrics you can choose from based on your budget and necessity.

1. Polypropylene: The luxurious feel of this hotel carpet is what sets it apart completely. It is a durable, versatile all-purpose carpet.

2. Nylon: This is a rather durable hotel carpet known for both its resistance to stain and long-lasting features. This is great for stairways, hallways and other heavy foot traffic zones.

3. Wool: This is a natural fiber, and that is why one of the most treasured. Apart from the natural gloss, it also has excellent soil resistance capabilities. But it is not that dependable with stain.

4. Olefin: This type of hotel carpet is great in terms of stain resistance and moisture absorption capabilities. However, it is not as durable as the polyester ones. That limits its usability to an extent.

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