Curtain skirting can be a really tricky business. The smallest deficiencies get highlighted, and an amateur work can easily be identified. Precision and expertise are the buzz words. Without either of these elements, the skirting effect won’t show up at all.

Benefits Of Skirting

There are many reasons why curtain skirting sometimes becomes very important. Be it on the stage or at home; professional expertise is a primary need.

Skirting has many benefits:

  • Provides Better Privacy:This is one of the cardinal purposes for curtain skirting. It provides absolute privacy. These skirtings keep the curtain together and make sure they provide complete privacy to the room.
  • Enhances The Decorative Element: Often curtain skirting gives the same impact as that of scallops. So, it adds significant volume as well as glitz and glamour to the overall curtain.
  • Practical:It is an extremely functional element. It easily hides the bare ends, but at the same time provides a dressy look. So it serves two purposes at the same time. These are quite simple to install and easy to maintain for a very long time.
  • Controls Lighting:Curtain skirting can be of varying length. Essentially, the length is adjustable, and you can use this to decide on the amount of light that is allowed in. Though there are other options too for this, curtain skirting is a relatively more practical option.

Types of Curtain Skirting

There are many types of curtain skirting to choose from. Based on your requirement, you can choose:

1. Sateen:This is a completely polyester fabric and gives the look and feel of silk curtain skirting. It is extremely affordable and versatile. So, you can use the same for a variety of purposes.

2. Showtex: This is a lightweight option and is knitted. This too is completely made up of polyester and has a unique sheen. This can easily enhance the beauty and decoration of any property you use it for.

3. Flat Finish:These produce a sharp and business-like impact. These are best for the professional set-up. The no frill look also makes it extremely versatile. You can conveniently use it for residential and commercial purposes.

4. Box Pleat:These are relatively more stylish and offer elaborate style options. The versatility of these is the best advantage. You can use it on stages, tables and even at home depending on your need.

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