Bedroom Wallpaper

We help you to understand how to use a wallpaper to make a statement in your bedroom. Gone are the days when you had to match all the four walls of your bedroom or had to settle for staid prints in one of the most important rooms of your house. The most recent bedroom wallpapers are all about innovation, the novelty factor and an absolutely out of the box approach that is set to stun you every time you enter the room and stare in amazement at a real, tangible, statement-making piece of art right within your budget.

How To Use Bedroom Wallpaper To Make A Statement?

Here is our ready guide on ways to help transform your bedroom into a mesmerizing magic kingdom by simply changing or introducing wallpapers there.

  • Featured Wall: This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to incorporate wallpaper in your bedroom. We decide on one wall and let our imagination go wild. Be it introducing bold prints in a small room or using prints to create the illusion of space, our clients are always wowed by our innovation.

  • Focus on Ceiling: Sometimes it is all about using an ordinary element but ensuring to give it an extraordinary touch. This is exactly what we achieve by deciding to paper the ceiling at times instead of the conventional walls. The first impression for many clients on seeing it is a surprised gasp, they cannot begin to think before being totally floored.

  • Uncommon Combination: Sometimes even the most uncommon of combinations can stir up bizarrely beautiful results. Be it a black on white print in pastel colored bedroom or strong floral prints in a bedroom with monochromatic arrangement, the idea is to create the instant surprise coupled with love at first sight that most of our clients are now almost used to.

  • Stripes: Who said stripes are boring or old fashioned? We innovate this really old design element everyday with different colors, placement and frequency. So be it introducing strong hues like bright yellow or staid brown in a wide, narrow frequency, when we suggest stripes, be ready to be pleasantly surprised.

  • Not Just Walls: Who said bedroom wallpaper is only for walls? We transform drab looking bedside tables, boring headboards into a piece of art using wallpapers. When our out of the box initiatives are incorporated into making the best use of existing elements, what else do you expect?

  • Headboard High: Don’t have a headboard with your bed to flaunt? Nothing to worry! We use bedroom wallpaper to create magic and stun the onlookers. Not only is it a unique way to transform a boring wall into a featured one but it helps break the monotony of the room.

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