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February 2018

11 Amazing Vintage Wallpapers


1. Elegant Vintage Wallpaper Our distinctive Vintage style wallpaper will make any room look like a million dollars. When teamed with dark wood or a light pattern it transforms any formerly plain room with an

11 Amazing Vintage Wallpapers2018-02-21T02:39:08+00:00

11 Places To Install Wallpaper That You Never Think Before


1) Ceiling Wallpapering the ceiling is again back in fashion. The above wooden style floor ceiling wallpaper transforms the room and makes a feature of the ‘fifth wall’. This bold design would look great with

11 Places To Install Wallpaper That You Never Think Before2018-02-21T02:12:41+00:00

January 2018

20 Ideas for Standout Curtains and Blinds


Home décor is an important aspect to take care of when it comes to any homes. Be it the exterior or the interior, the overall beauty of the home can be enhanced by taking special

20 Ideas for Standout Curtains and Blinds2018-01-31T04:13:48+00:00

Choosing Between Curtains and Blinds


Curtains and blinds can improve the appearance of your house. It is one aspect which can be customized according to your style and colour preferences. But an issue may arise if you are not able

Choosing Between Curtains and Blinds2018-02-27T04:17:49+00:00

12 Common Types of Curtains


As a customer, you should be able to differentiate between the different kinds of curtains, so that when you are in the process of buying, you get to buy the one which suits your requirement. So,

12 Common Types of Curtains2018-01-25T08:45:32+00:00

10 Different Types of Blinds


The popularity of blinds has increased by a mile over the years. As people have started taking window treatment seriously, the demand for blinds has also increased. This has brought a boom in the development

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